7 Steps to Make 2014 Honda Smart Key with V4.2 SKP900

SuperOBD SKP900 V4.2 is original auto key programmer which can make smart key for most cars till year 2014 including Honda all key lost and no need pin code. Besides, SuperOBD SKP900 has no token limit. So get back to the point how SuperOBD SKP-900 V4.2 make 2014 Honda smart key?


Step1. Start SuperOBD SKP-900, choose “Immobilizer”→ “Honda”→ “Keyless2”, wait a second for loading.




Step2. Vehicle Selection: choose “keyless System”, it will show tip that “Choose OBD2 adapter and turn ignition on”, turn ignition on then press “Yes” button to go on.



Step3. Function Selection: choose “All keyless lost”, it will show that “Take all keyless out car”, press “Yes” button to continue. Next it will show “Put one Keyless in car”, press “Yes” to continue.




Step4. After that it will show “Press start twice turn ignition on”, press ignition twice then “Yes” button. Next it will show “Press and hold start butt”, press and hold the ignition switch for a while, then press “Yes” button. Now the ignition is on, press “Yes” button to continue.




Step5. Press the UP button to enter key number, check input value and press “Yes” button. Now SKP900 will show programming.


Step6. Turn the ignition off and turn on again within 15 seconds. Now SKP900 will again show programming. Check if the indicating light is extinguished and press “Yes” button.



Step7. Turn the ignition off and turn on again within 15 seconds, then repeat the above turn off and on actions; it will show “Keyless register complete”. Now SuperOBD SKP-900 V4.2 auto key programmer make 2014 Honda smart key successfully


SKP900-make-Honda-smart-key-16 SKP900-make-Honda-smart-key-17

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