Autel MaxiIM IM608 Successfully add a semi smart key on Volvo XC60

Autel MaxiIM IM608 successfully add a semi smart key on Volvo XC60. Here is the steps:

Click Volvo application on Autel IM608.

Manual selection

The Autel supports XC60 made in 2008-2018

Semi smart key – Semi smart key system (CAN)

Add semi smart keys


you’re advised to use the USB cable to connect the vci device to improve connection speed
please turn off Bluetooth first and then use the USB connection


this function is applied to the learning of the semi smart key (to be inserted to start the vehicle)
the smart key can be learned successfully, but the remote control will be invalid

pls verify the type of the key first

Pls close all doors, insert the learned key into the key slot and turn the ignition on

Pls turn the ignition off

Remove the key from the key slot

Establishing vehicle communication…

Number of the key learned: 1
Maximum possible number of keys: 6

Establishing vehicle communication…

If a key is to be learned, insert the new key into the key slot and press learning button to continue

Notice: if the key pops out, pls press the key learning button first, then insert the key promptly

Establishing vehicle communication…

Key learning success

Key learned and id

Take out the key and insert it again to test the functionality



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