CGDI MB Pro VS VVDI MB, which one you have

CGDI MB Pro VS VVDI MB in the hardware, functions, language and price.

Functions CG MB VVDI MB
Read EIS data Yes Yes
Erase EIS Yes(K line is shielded now) Yes
Write EIS data Yes (K line EIS is not supported yet) Yes
Erase TP protection Yes Yes
EIS Disable key Yes Yes
Enable key Yes Yes
Write VIN Yes Yes
Detect EIS status Yes Yes
Active EIS Yes Yes
Read key via IR Yes Yes
Erase key via IR Yes Yes
Read the key chip (NEC) Support 40229, 40582, 43650, 567897041/ Support v51/57, v28/35/40, v03/06/
51/61/71/81) 08, v05/07/09,v59
Read and write key Reset the key chip Yes Yes
Get Harsh Yes Yes
Write the key data Yes Yes
Active key Yes Yes
Collect with key Support (W164/251, Support(W164/251,
W164/251 2009-, W164/251 2009-,
W166/197/212/218/ W166/197/212/218/
246,W169/209/211 247,W169/209/211
,W172/204/207/ ,W172/204/207/
212 (withELV), 212 (withELV),
W216,W221,W906 W216,W221,W906
,W639 2009-,Kline EIS) ,W639 2009-)
Calculate password Collect without key Support (W166/197/212/ Support (W166/197/212/
218/246,W212 218/246,W212
(withELV),W172/ (withELV),W172/
204/207/,W164/ 204/207/,W172/204/
W172/209/211, 207(FAST),W216
W169,W216) ,W216(FAST),
W164/251 2009-,
W164/251 2009-
Generate the key file Yes Yes
Read engine ECU Yes Yes
Read transmission ECU Yes Yes
Car Engine ECU Read gearbox ECU Yes Yes
Gearbox ECU, Transmission ECU Erase engine ECU Yes Yes
Erase transmission ECU Yes Yes
Erase gearbox ECU Yes Yes
Read ELV data Yes Yes
Write ELV data Yes Yes
Erase ELV data Yes Yes
Detect if ELV is broken Yes Yes
ELV Active ELV Yes Yes
Repair ELV Yes Yes
ELV simulator (Read, write, erase) Yes Yes
Synchronize 204 ELV Yes Yes
Read & Write dashboard mileage Support (W204/X204/ Support (W204/X204/
W207/W212/W197/ W207/W212/W197/W218、W251/X164/
W218,W251/X164/ W164,W211/W219/
W164,W211/W219,W221/W216,W203/ W221/W216,W166/
Mileage corretion W209,W171) W172/W246/W231,
Clear trouble codes Yes (Support as the same models as the above) Yes (Support as the same models as the above)
Read gateway EE/FLASH Yes(W204/X204/ Yes(W204/X204/
W207/W212/R197/ W207/W212/R197/
W218,W251/X164/ W218,W251/X164/
W164/W211/W209/ W164/W211/209/
R171/W203/W169, R171/W169,W221/
Read and write gateway W221/W216) W216,SMART,R199,
Write gateway EE/FLASH Yes(W251/X164/ Yes(W251/X164/
W164/W211/W209/ W164/W211/W209/
R171/W203/W169, R171/W203/W169,
W221/W216) W221/W216)
No Yes
Read & write eeprom via OBD
Language Chines and English Chinese, English, Spanish, Polish
Wiring diagram Yes Yes


CGDI MB Pro (about 700USD) can do almost as the same as VVDI MB (Less than 2000USD).

CGDI MB Pro only has Chinese and English version

VVDI MB is available with: Chinese, English, Spanish and Polish.