CK360 Easy Check Powerful Remote Key Tester

2019 New CK360 Easy Check Powerful Remote Key Tester for Frequency 315Mhz-868Mhz & Key Chip & Battery 3 in one. Necessary tool for locksmith. Only $79.99 free shipping.

Functions of CK360 Easy Check 

Remote control -frequency detection:
Frequency: 315MHZ, 433MHZ, 868MHZ
Distance: 0.1~ 1m
Cover ASK and FSK models

Key anti-theft chip detection:
46/4d /48/ 47/ 49/ 4A/ MQB A/ MQB B/ 8C/ 64/ 4C/ 13/ 12/ 11 and other common anti-theft chips

Mercedes infrared key detection:
Infrared key active detection
No need to press the button (except FBS4 system)

Intelligent signal detection:
Keyless entry, keyless start and other signal data flow

Remote control button battery detection:
For the ordinary remote control

Let’s see how it works