CN900 MINI VS CN900, ND900 MINI VS ND900

You will see we release the CN900 MINI and ND900 MINI on carkeydeal. And this two new key programmers can replace CN900 and ND900. CN900 MINI VS CN900 is the same as ND900 MINI VS ND900, so next, we will take CN900 MINI as an example.

cn900 mini vs cn900

First, CN900 MINI is much smaller than CN900, so it is very easy to carry, just put in pocket is OK.

Second, CN900 MINI doesn’t need to connect to power supply, it uses battery directly.

Third, CN900 MINI key programmer includes all function of the CN900, and  it can copy 4c/4D/46/G chip directly, no need to connect to 4D/46/G decoder, much saver.

Fourth, CN900 MINI supports WIFI, Bluetooth, Internet connection.

Fifth, CN900 MINI is much cheaper than CN900.

All in all, CN900 MINI is a perfect replacement of CN900, it is a tendency to replace CN900 and already engaged people’s attention and interest successfully.

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