Cut HU66 with 2M2 Magic Tank Auto Key Cutting Machine, Success!

Tools you needs:

  1. 2M2 Magic Tank Auto Key Cutting Machine
  2. Android mobile phone
  3. Blank key blabe


  1. Power on Magic Tank.

2. Open Magic Tank App and enable Bluetooth on the top right corner as show in picture.

Bluetooth connected.

Back to homepage and and click “Edit a key”.

3. Select the key type you need.

Here we select HU66.

Click the HU66 page, we go to HU66 key deatil info page.

Click “Cut”.

Then we comes to this page.

We already knew the key code is 13243243, so we click the numbers on the phone to match the code. Then click “Cut”.

Please kindly note, if we do not know the key code, we can click “Decode” to get the key code and do the sames procedures again.

4. The App will prompt you how to put the key. please do it as the prompt.

After you put the key correctly, please click “Confirm” on the App.

5. Then the machine will work.

6. When cutting finished, the machine will stop working. We take out of the key, and put the other side of the key on the clamp and click “confirm” on the App again. The machine will starting cutting again.

7. After cutting finished, the machine will stop working, then we take out of the key.

8. Try it on lock, it works.

9. HU66 cut sucessfully.

Scan the below QR Code with Android Phone to download the 2M2 Magic Tank APP from official website.

Reliable source to get 2M2 Magic Tank here: