How to Change SKP1000 Language to English in Special Function Like Remote Keys

SKP1000 tablet auto key programmer, mainly programs kinds of key on a wide range of car brands from all of the world just like our SKP900,while SKP1000 can also performs pin code calculation, mileage adjustment, EPB+ Oil serrvice Reset and many other special functions etc.

our skp1000 language is English,but some customers may got below error in Chinese

what’s more,you can not find the choice in Setting to change the language to English

why it occured while other key programming function are all in English except remote key programming

infact for toehr special functions like mileage adjustment, EPB+ Oil serrvice Reset etc are also in Chinese too

Please don’t worry,skp1000 factory did not translate special function language into English before selling,this is a mistake but can be solved easily as below

1.please find the serial number in adapter system information,click the red circle selection

you will get the SN

send us the SN,factory will make a” AdapterFile.bin” for you the next day,please copy this file to your skp1000 sd card in file “dl_file”

then open skp1000,find icon “update firmware”


click and wait for update,this will take 20-30 minutes,after update finished,the language will change to English automatically