How to connect Yanhua ACDP on Android phone via Bluetooth & Wifi?

Firstly connect Yanhua ACDP on Android phone via Bluetooth & Wifi, then register personal info before using ACDP.


  1. Turn on the Phone Bluetoothto search ACDP, if it can display, it’s okay, don’t match the Bluetooth, because you need the Bluetooth signal when programming.

Tip: if your phone can’t find out the ACDP Bluetooth, open the location service that you can find in the “Safety and Privacy” of settings.

  1. Your phone needs to connect to Wifi routeror the hotspot of another phone for the first use and update, because ACDP communicate with the phone via WIFI. If you can’t program , please check whether the Wifi signal is strong or weak, or whether the password is incorrect. The wifi name should be English plus number instead of special symbols. It can’t support 5G signal.

How to connect Yanhua Mini ACDP to Android phone via Wifi:

Next is to register the personal info.