How to cut keys for Hyundai Verna all keys lost with Xhorse Dolphin Key Cutting Machine?

Hyundai Verna all keys lost key cutting with Xhorse Dolphin successfully by connecting with a phone via Bluetooth.

Tools Requirement:

  1. Xhorse Condor Dolphin key cutting machine

2. One phone (IOS, Android) with Bluetooth

3.Hyundai Verna key

Install Xhorse Dolphin APP on phone.

Click on “Select” to connect Bluetooth.

Click on “All key lost”.


Enter 85459.

Follow the wiring diagram to fasten the M2-C clamp.

Tap “Cutting key”.


Cutting key for Hyundai Verna.

You can see the process on the machine screen and also on the phone.

Take out the key and insert it into the EIS to rotate, if it can rotate, it is working.