How to do BMW FRM Programming with Yanhua Mini ACDP via Androrid phone?

Recently, Yanhua ACDP added a new module “BMW FRM Programming”. Today I used my android phone to do this function.What a surprise, it has wiring diagram in help page and online tech-team to slove my problems. Super nice.

Sharing with you my first experience here.

Firstly, prepare the below three tools.

1.Yanhua Mini ACDP Host (USD219)

2. BMW FRM Programming Module (USD55)

3. Android phone:

System version:5.0 or above;

Running Memory Ram: >2G

Storage Space Rom: >1.5G

Turn on Bluetooth&Wifi


Steps 1: Download and install ACDP Android App

1) Using my phone to visit yanhua official website

click “Resource Download” and then “android app download”, and click on “Install App”. The software can be download sucessfully. Install it.

Please pay attenttion, if your homepage shown as the the below image.

Please tap “Mine” and then “System Settings”, then “App and resource update”, then “Resource file update” and “Resource fix” (shown as below )

Download the basic resources, and finally get the normal homepage. (shown as below image)

2)Bind your ACDP to the phone & register the account

Any problems, click “Manual” for help.

Step 2 BMV FRM Programming

  1. Click “BMV” and find out “FRM Programming”
  2. Then the main menu shown.

3.Take CP  MC9S12XDT256 (MASK: OL15Y) for example.

Wiring Guide.