How to read VAG 4th IMMO data online with VAG OBD helper?

VAG OBD helper can help online read out the VAG 4th IMMO data, so that you can go on using the key programmer ((i.e: VVDI2, AVDI, APPRO, Lonsdor K518 etc) to program key whatever adding new key or when all keys lost.

Incl. NEC24C32, NEC24C64, NEC35XX, Johnson MQB, A4, Q5 BCM

1.Use VAG OBD to connect the vehicle

2. Click on “Read car info”, you can see it reads out manufacture, VIN, immo type, power, key count, key ID etc.

3.Connect the network and upload data to calculations.
The system is reading ECU type.
Click on “Online calculate immo data”.

4.Online calculate immo data successfully and saved automatically, click on “Yes”.
As you can see, the last data named “VVDI. NEC24C64_IMMO” can be used with VVDI2.
Just copy the “VVDI. NEC24C64_IMMO” and paste it on the desktop.

5.Connect VVDI2 to the VAG car.
Go into VVDI2, click on “Key Learn”, then “Key Learn”.

6. Click on “IMMO data prepare key” to load the immo data obtained by VAG OBD helper.

7. Use this data to generate the dealer keys and learn the keys.

Note: Before using VAG OBD helper, please make sure the vehicle info is not tampered and vehicle status is legal, otherwise the immo data can’t be calculated.

This method can be used for key add and program key when all keys lost.