How to refresh BMV keys with Yanhua Mini ACDP via computer

New module “BMV Key Refresh” has been added to Yanhua mini ACDP BMV programming. This module can support E chassis (315MHZ,868MHZ) and F chassis(215MHZ,433MHZ,868MHZ) key refresh which can realize repeat usage of BMV Keys. So how to do it?

Tools you need:

1.Yanhua Mini ACDP Host (USD219)

2.BMV Key Refresh Module (USD55)

3. Computer, ios device or android phone
OS: win7/win10

2) iOS system
1. System Version: 9.0 or above
2. Cell Phone Models: iPhone 6 or above
3. Running Memory Ram: >2G
4. Storange Space rom: >1.5G

3) Android phone

1. System Version: 5.0 or Above

2. Running Memory Ram: >2G

3. Storage Space Rom: >1.5G

Turn on bluetooth & Wifi
Bluetooth: 4.0 or above
Wifi: 2G or 4G (5G is not supported)
1. Install software
1) Go to yanhua official website  
to download and install the software you need.
2) Bind your ACDP with your device and register account.
Any questions, please click “Manual” for help.
2. BMV Key Refresh
1) Open Mini ACDP, Click on “BMV” and then “BMV Key Refresh”.
2) Two options: E chassis key and F chassis key. Choose one according to your need.
Then choose the exact MHz per your need.

Then wiring diagram shown. Take F chassis key 315 MHz (HUF5662) as an example.