How to use CGDI BMW to do Cas3+ all key lost?

We listed the steps here for how to use CGDI BMW programmer to do all key lost programming for BMW CAS3+.

Tools you need:

CGDI BMW MSV80 Programmer

CG100 Prog III


Step 1:Read ECU EEPROM

Run CG100 software,enter menu to select “ECU”

Select “BMW E Series and then MEVD1724(N20)

After then CG100 software will show the wire connection diagram as below,you need to build the connection according to the diagram.

Click “Read EEPROM”

After data reading successfully,save the EEPROM data on your laptop.

Now you can see the ISN and VIN here:

Step 2:CGDI BMW Programming Key

Connect CGDI BMW Programmer to vehicle by OBD port,then select “BMW OBD Key Match”

Click “Read Key info”

Pull out the key from the ignition when it prompt you as below massage

Then save the data file

Select the key position to program and then click “Generate dealer key ” to continue

Now,here it will prompt you to enter ISN

Select “have engine data,the next step will load the engine data”

Load the engine data read out the CG100 in step 1

Put the new blank key into the CGDI BMW coil,then click “OK” to continue

It will prompt you that “Whether the key currently programmed is a smart key”

Note:If it is a smart key,the key will be locked.

Click “No” to continue