How to use Turbo Decoder HU101 for JLR, Ford, Volvo,Mazda?

Turbo Decoder HU101 is an advanced locksmith tool for unlocking and decoding automotive locks fitted to Ford, Range-Rover, Volvo, Land Rover and Jaguar. These locks have a HU101 key profile / SILCA /and contain 10 code wavers. With our instrument, the unlocking itself becomes easy and fast.

Our Turbo Decoder HU101 is designed to open fast the following vehicles:

Fiesta (from 2008 onward)
Focus (from 2004 onward)
Focus C Max (from 2003 onward)
Galaxy (from 2006)
KUGA (from 2008 onward)
Mondeo (from 2007 onward)
S Max (from 2006 onward)
Transit (from 2002 To 2007)

Discovery (from 2006 onward)
Range Rover (from 2005 onward)

XK (X150) Emergency Key (from 2006 onward)
Most Models After 2007

S40 (From 2004)
V50 (From 2004)
S80 2007 To 2011
V70 2007 To 2011
XC70 2007 To 2011
V50 2003 To 2011
S40 2004 To 2011


Bt 50 from 2011

This video tells you how to use this Turbo Decoder HU101

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