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Q: Bmw X5 cas3+ the year 2008 add key not successful read ok all , but was not able to add key , ZedFull add in 1 min .

A: you must add it with key in ignition, in slot doesn’t work ok, but with key in ignition should work. tested by me

Suzuki Swift 2013 all key lost – OK

Ford kuga smart spare key….ok, max 5min job
i30 2009 all key lost pin i key(7936) ok
grand cherokee 2014 add smart ok

Berlingo 2014 all key lost pin read ok

Fiesta 2013 keyless ok

Mazda 3 2014 add Smart key OK. All keys lost also OK.
I20 2014, read pin without working key and program key OK.

2012 Ford Transit T350 2.2 RWD

AKL ok

Add Keys ok