OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 Key Master VS SuperOBD SKP-900

As we said before, the OBDSTAR X300 PRO3 includes all function of SKP-900. SKP-900 is always popular with the locksmith while the obdstar x300 pro3 is new arrival, and people may hesitate to buy it. Now we compare them in details, hope it can help you to make a choice between them.


S/N Features & Functions Key Master SKP900
Star Level Star Level
1 New design in apperance **** ***
2 Three-proof design(Water-proof,Shock- proof,
Crash-proof), multi-angle shock resistance
**** *
3 Industrial screen, clear vision **** ***
4 Humanizing design, convenient operation **** ****
5 Latest PCB technology, quick download speed **** ***
6 Silicon button, comfortable touch **** ***
1 OBDII function ×
2 More cars can be supported to adjust mileage ***** **
3 More ECU matching function deployed with,
for example, to replace Toyota/Mit ECM
***** ****
4 More qualified and stable, and rarely occurs
communication failed, For example, matching
proximity of HYUNDAI KIA
***** ****
5 The most coverage of Chinese cars ***** ***
6 Optional choice offered, such as OIL/SERVICE,
EPB and Battery Matching
7 One key upgrade, single model upgrade
8 Subaru can be supported ×
9 EEPROM/read pin code, initialization,data
10 Ferrari can be supported ×
11 Immo