Quickly 4C/4D/46/48 Chip Transponder Key Programmer FAQ

We sort out the questions about the Quickly ts888 key programmer frequently asked, hope it can help.


Q: Does it can work with TPX Cloner?
A: No, it can not work with TPX Cloner

Q: If it clone 46 without decoder?
A: No, you need 46 decoder

Q: Does this come a case to store the device
A: A big case will come with the package, for everything including batteries and charger

Q: Only clone 46 and 4D chips, need decoder?
A: if copy 48 chip, it depends on your car; 46 and 4D chips, need decoder; copy 4C chip, it doesn’t need decoder.

Q: Does it can write CN Chip
A: Yes, it can write CN chip

Q: Do you have chips can be used to copy ID46, ID48 Chip, working with white Quickly 4C/4D/46/48 Code Reader Chip Transponder Key Programmer?
A: For ID46 Chip copy, you can use PCF7936 chip, working with this item together, you need to buy ID46 Decoder
We have no chips which can working with this item for ID48 copy

Customer’s feedback:

Today I confirm that the quickly Cloner does connect to the PC version of the Quickly cloner.
i was able to rewrite a CN2 and a CN5 (first uncheck the lock pages and write in the new number and then write button. It works like a charm.
reason for post
1.quality of the hardware is better made then CN900. ( I have them both and have strip it down )
2.Quickly verse ZB in reading ( quickly can read toyota “H” )
3.quickly can write to CN,TPX,EH ZB can not write onto a CN
4.quickly can work together with the CN900 PC version software. (eeprom by dump ready to start) also (unlocking CN2,CN5)
5.very good price for well made hardware and battery operated. (perfect for sniffing at the car)