(solved) V8/X6 Key Cutting Machine “X sensor Error”


Customer complaint:

My automotive X6 key cutting machine displays “X sensor Error” when i powered on it.

What’s the error message?

“X sensor Error”

Why “X sensor Error” pops up?

Because the screw in the V8/X6 main unit is not locked


How to solve V8/X6 “X sensor Error”?

Loosening off the screws with a proper screwdriver, then open the front cover


Open the lid


Tighten the two screws marked with a red circle



Then “X sensor Error” will be solved. Automotive V8/X6 key cutting machine will work without issues.

This is from Carkeydeal: Best car key tools for sale website Key Cutting Machine technical support: (solved) V8/X6 Key Cutting Machine “X sensor Error”