What is the difference between OBDSTAR OdoMaster and X300M ?

OBDSTAR OdoMaster is based on x300M, but it covers more cars and supported more latested cars than x300M. Let’s do a detailed comparison here.

OBDSTAR OdoMaster vs. X300M 

Hardware Comparison:

Language English English
Software Odometer correction Yes Yes
OBDII Diagnosis Yes Yes
Oil Service Reset Yes No
Specification Operating system Android 5.1.1 Linux
Storage Capacity 16GB 8GB
LCD 5.0 inch 160MM
LCD resolution 800*600 160*160
Battery 2500Ma lithium ion /
Screen Capacitive touch screen /
WiFi Yes No
Weight 0.7KG 0.85KG
Box Size 140mm*89*mm*18mm 310mm*100mm*210mm
Accessory Main unit
Main cable
Packing box
Qucik Start Guide
Multi-funtional jumper
Main unit
Main cable
SD Card reader
User manual
Package list
Packing box

Software Comparison:

Software Model OdoMaster X300M
Ford Fiesta 2017- 2013-
Focus 2019 2013-
Transit Yes No
KA 2018- 2015-
GM Colorado 2018- 2005-
Cruze 2017- 2010-
Escalade 2018- 2015-
XT6 2019 /
Yukon 2017- 2014-
Chrysler Cherokee 2018- 2015
RAM 2018- 2011-
Durango 2018- 2014-
Land rover Discovery 4 2015- /
Range Rover Sport 2017- 2014
VW MQB 2012-2014.06 Yes No
MQB 2014.06- Yes Yes
Renault Captur 2017- /
Traffic IV 2017- /
Kia CEED 24C16 Yes Yes
D70F3423 Yes Yes
D70F3XXX Yes No
D70F3421 Yes No
D70F35XX Yes No
NEC Yes No
NEC+24C16 Yes No
Kia Optima 24C16 Yes Yes
D70F3536 Yes Yes
D70F3421 Yes No
D70F352X Yes No
D70F35XX Yes No
NEC Yes No
NEC+24C16 Yes No
Nissan Altima 2013 Yes Yes
Kicks 2017- Yes No
Mitsubishi Outlander Yes No
Triton 2015- Yes No