Yanhua Mini ACDP Newly add Cas1-Cas4 Data Repair Function

Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW Package newly add Cas1-Cas4 Data Repair Function. It can finally solve cas module replacement problem which caused by eeprom data lost or cas module broken. So how it works?

Step 1: Copy the eeprom data from other good car with the same chip to this file “:ATmatch/bmw/CAS4/CAS_Renew”.

Step2: Enter the vin number, frequency, ISN code of the car which lost the eeprom data and click save, the device will clear cas mileage automatically.

Step 3: Please wirte the new eeprom data into cas module, and put the cas module into the car.

Step 4: If the car cannot start or it shows direction lock on the dashboard. Then it needs synchronize ELV or DME

Step5: Use diagnostic tool to clear code.

Note: the original car key cannot be used, it needs re-learn.